Owner and chief
Ing.arch. Ivo Flimmel, ArtD.


I.S.P.J.A.E. – Facultad de Arquitectura in Havana, Cuba completed first two semesters

Slovak Technical University in Bratislava – Faculty of Architecture, master’s thesis in the field of civil engineering – Theatre of J.G.Tajovského in B. Bystrica (award for an excellent diploma thesis)

Universidad de Catalunya, Barcelona – differential examinations at the Faculty of Architecture

Positions held:

from 2010 +
adbau+, Ltd. – SKA certified architect, owner and manager of the design office
Managing professional team during contracts worth of hundreds of millions of Euros. Analysis of the project, selection of the staff, delegation of the tasks, coordination of the work progress during production meetings, management of the project during preparation and also actual construction, setting the company vision, selection of the employees, preparing their job description and optmizing their working conditions.

2006 – 2010
adbau, Ltd. – SKA certified architect, owner and manager of the design office
Ambition similar to the adbau +company, the adbau, Ltd had just shorter and less list of activities.

1994 – 2006
Ing.arch. Ivo Flimmel – adbau – the design work trading – a registered architect of the Slovak Chamber of Architects (SKA)
Creative design and managerial work on smaller buildings and interiors especially for the financial institutions. Independent architect, responsible for a wide range of activities: participation in the tenders and competing for the contracts, contract analysis and negotiation of the contract terms and prices, selection of staff, tasks delegation, coordinating of the progress of the construction work, overall management during project preparation and also construction.

1990 – 1994
Kassa Möbell, Sant Cugat, Barcelona – interior architect
Interior architect work in a very pleasant and inspirational team of luxurious interior company. Constant communication with experienced professional associates, a lots of customer contacts during follow up in the execution phase of the project. Strong emphasis on the intra-company communication and maintaining company culture through a variety of social activities.

1987 – 1990
DRUPRO, Bratislava – an independent designer
Creative work with clearly defined rules in a great designer team, constant professional communication with colleagues on professional issues.

1986 – 1987
PVTS, Bratislava – designer
Designing the concrete panels buildings, own company catalog of the projects, creative work in a small team.

1986 – 1986
Drevoindustria, Žilina – designer
Designing the details of wooden buildings, in addition the design of sports equipment. Independent, creative work in a small team.

Awards and Honors:

  • Ľ.Štúr Square in Žilina – 3.price whereas no 1.prize awarded, 1995;
  • Cultural House & Post Office, Čifáre – 1.prize, 1996;
  • Roman Catholic church, Dubník – 1.prize, 1996;
  • Regional center building with branch of SLSP bank in Žilina – 2002
  • Residential complex Jarabiny, Mlynské Nivy, Bratislava – winner of tender, 2005